Best Travel Digital Video Cameras

Looking for a best travel digital video cameras then don’t miss this article. A smaller variety of a video camera is known as a DV camera which stands for digital video camera. Today there are lots of DV cams to choose from companies like cannon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and some more.

What you should be looking for in DV cams is its size. If you are looking for a camera which will be used by frequent travelers then you should go for something sleek and small so it’s easy to carry. The basic features you should look for is good storage capability, high zoom, good battery life, good option to download the video onto your computer and good quality display with a good overall built quality.

Some travel digital video cameras come with a DVD recorder function, so whatever video you shoot with it, it directly records it on a DVD and you can simple remove the DVD and run it on your DVD player or your personnel computer. There are also other options like memory cards and memory sticks also known as flash memory storage. These are also good since they can be upgraded and increased up to 64 GB. With that kind of space you can record very large quantities of video and even take lots of photos if the camera supports the photo function.

Most of the DV cameras come with very high zoom since its design allows the lense a lot of moving space. A camera with up to 44X zoom should be good enough. With that you can almost zoom in to the moon and capture its craters with good clear quality.

A decent battery life will give you a recording time of around 3 to 6 hours. This is important when you are travelling since you won’t find a spot for charging the camera again and again where ever you go. Some cameras also have the option to recharge the battery outside the cam. In such cases you can buy a spare battery and keep it charged so that you can instantly replace the worn out battery and start shooting again in minutes.

You will get an USB cable or sometimes will need to use a fire wire connection to download the videos that you capture from your DV cameras. There are different types of storage facilities in the DV cams today like professional DV tapes, DVDs, memory cards or sticks. What is important is that you should be able to get the video without the intervention of a studio or professionals. Videos captured directly into avi or other formats are best to use.

To watch the stunningly clear videos that you just captured using the best travel digital video cameras you need to have a great quality display on the camera. It also helps in durability and long life if the built quality of the camera is good.

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