Best Travel Laptop

Travel can be for various purposes like for pleasure, work, business, study or whatever purpose you have. We all carry our laptop along with essential things and it would get very tiresome to carry a laptop which weighs over 4 or 5 kg along with our backpack. An ideal travel laptop should be light, easy to carry, offer a good mixture of performance and battery backup along with good connectivity features too.

A prerequisite of a good travel laptop is that it should be very light, weighing below 2 kg and should have a good battery backup of about seven – eight hours. It is hard to make laptops which are both lightweight and have good battery backup. Since the advent of netbooks and UMPC (ultra mobile portable computer), and tablet pc’s it has been made clear that many companies are focusing their attention on how to make laptops which are easy to carry around with very good battery backup and has lot of connectivity options too. Some of the new travel laptops has features like being waterproof, splash proof, dust proof, shock resistant etc. Of course, when people hear about these features in a travel laptop they are surely going to buy the laptop without any much further ado.

In order to find the best travel laptop in the market now, let us compare some laptops which are quite a bang for their buck:

MacBook Air – this one took the world by the storm after it was officially announced as the world’s slimmest laptop. It is very attractive, very slim and the performance is zippy and packs a punch in its thin frame. It has not got much connectivity options and lacks an optical drive and a tad too expensive but you can’t have it all right?

Lenovo ThinkPad X200 – this laptop is said to have 9 hours battery backup which is pretty awesome and it also has great performance and great keyboard. To sum it all it is also reasonably priced at around $1000.

Toshiba Portege R835 – P56X – Toshiba has introduced a new line of laptops which are light and packs a punch with its features like integrated DVD super multi drive, high end processors, huge storage, more memory etc.
In short, the best travel laptop one can own right now is Toshiba Portege series laptops with its great blend of performance and power and being very slim, apple’s MacBook series has an able competitor in Portege series. It is closely followed by Lenovo’s ThinkPad X200 which nearly outperforms Toshiba Portege series. Apple’s MacBook deserves special mention for their outstanding technological brilliance for they were the guys who showed everyone that it was possible to make laptops as thin as they can be. Of course, MacBook is the slimmest, sexiest and is very attractive laptop. Another factor worth mentioning is the slick operating system named Mac OSX Leopard aboard MacBook. It’s a worthy competitor to Windows 7 but is exclusive to MacBook.

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